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Momo 桃 blossom

Momo 桃 blossom

  • Momo blossom also is known as " Tao Hua Cha," is made from real peach buds, plucked when they are young and then dried. Peach blossoms are highly prized in Asian culture because they appear before the leaves sprout it is believed they possess more vitality than any other trees.

  • The blossom infusion has many health benefits including promoting radiant skin, reducing acne, wrinkles and, freckles as well as regulate menstruation and improving the blood circulation. 



Brewing Tips : 

Rinse the teacup and teapot with hot water. Fill the teapot 2 grams (1-2 teaspoons) tea leaves for every 200-400ml of water. Infuse in hot water at 90°c and steep for 1minutes for the first infusion and increase time with each brew. 


Pour through a strainer to remove blossoms and drink infused water as a tisane.

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