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Mandrain Shou Pu'er

Mandrain Shou Pu'er

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Indulge in this unique Shou Pu-er tea,  packed into mandarin it to take on the allure of citrus mixed with the earthy tones of Pu'er. A beautiful presentation of Pu'er, and a sensational and satisfactory flavor. 


Tips: break of pieces of the mandarin and 5-6 grams of puer for a small pot. Rinse off with hot water for 3 seconds and discard the water. Then Enjoy the next infusion. 

This tea could be steeped up to 8 times sometimes more.

Temp: 95C

Steeping: for multiple infusions start with 40-second infusion then 1min and gradually increase.


Pairs well with chocolate 


*Price is per mandrain.

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