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Konomi Genmai

Konomi Genmai


Our Organic Genmaicha powder is made from Genmaicha 玄米茶 "roasted brown rice and sencha", that is ground to powder! The medium body tea has a pleasant roasted aroma and a buttery sweet taste with hints of peanut. It can be used for making various sweets, flavoring food, or make a delicious latte. The possibilities are endless. 




Tips :

To make the perfect genmaicha latte 

  • Use1 tsp of genmai powder 
  • Add 50 ml of warm and whisk until smooth, to eliminate any clumps 
  • Add Maple or choice of sweetener 
  • A dash of sea salt to bring out the nutty flavor 
  • Add 150-200 ml of your choice of non-dairy milk 

and enjoy! 

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