Hachiju Hachiya 八十八夜

Hachiju Hachiya 八十八夜


HachijuHachiya is a Limited Edition Sencha.  

The tea is picked precisely 88 days after the first day of Spring. The 88th day of the traditional Japanese calendar, which falls right around May 1st or 2nd, is famous as an important date for farmers, and especially tea farmers as it is considered the best day to start the spring tea harvest. 


A truly unique tea, ideal for early mornings or afternoon calm.


The number 8 is considered auspicious in Japan, so the 88th day sounds very lucky. Tea picked on this day is said to give the drinker a long and prosperous life.


The tea characteristics comprise of glossy dark green needles that create an emerald green liquor. A Full-bodied with a long presence in the mouth, grassy notes with a delightful slight astringency that epitomizes the essence of Spring.



25 g


Brewing Tips: 

  • The first infusion,  use 3 grams and  water temperature of 70 c  steep for 1 min
  • Second brew,  75 c for 30 seconds as the tea leaves are already wet.
  • Third infusion, 75 c for 40 seconds


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