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Sakura Chazutsu 茶筒

Sakura Chazutsu 茶筒

SKU: 19

Chazutsu is a traditional Japanese tea-caddy made from copper, or steel. 


Chazutsi is a traditional craft, handmade in Japan and transmitted from one generation to the next. We are pleased and honored to be able to collaborate with the 6th Generation tea caddy artisan, Takahiro Yagi San from "Kaikado -Japan," which has a histroy of 140 years of craftsmanship.  


The Chawan design features kawai tea essentials such as a matcha bowl, a chasen whisk, and a customized sakura lid knob. 


The 40g chazutsu can be used for matcha, other loose leaf tea, or even nuts.


Whats in  the box ? 

The box comes with the chawan copper tea caddy, a matcha strainer also handmade by Taka-san, a copper teaspoon,  a straining spoon as well as a green velvet bag to keep your tea-caddy safe. 



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