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Chōmame is an herbal infusion of the Clitoria ternatea flower otherwise known as " butterfly pea." 

its blue sapphire liquor transforms into a magical vibrant magenta when exposed to acidic foods such as lemon. 


Native to Southeast Asia, the flower is often used as a natural food coloring. It also has many health benefits, such as improving the brain function, eyesight, helps menstruation problems in women, reduces stress and anxiety and many others. Chōmame can be infused as a hot or iced beverage. 




Cold Brew :
Add 5 - 10 flower petals two your T- to-go bottles.
fill up the bottle with cold water to allow the tea to release flavor and aroma slowly.
keep refrigerated for 4 house or overnight and enjoy your cold brew as is or add some lemon and honey to make a magical purple lemonade
Hot infusion :
Add 5 flower petals to your brewing vessel and pour 100 ml of water at 90 c temperature.
Infuse for 1 minutes
Tips: Add fresh mint leave for an extra relaxing effect.

To make magical lemonade : 

In a glass full of ice add a cold brew chōmame and top it with lemon juice! 



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