our menu


Chawan Hummos

Chawan's special hummos recipe




Wasabi Hummos

Hummus with a Japanese wasabi twist



Karai Hummos

Spicy  hummos with  jalapeños 



Chips and Salsa.

Choice of blue corn or lime tortilla chips with salsa topped with spicy  jalapeños





Choice of blue corn or lime tortialla chips with our special guacemole recipie



Steamed soy beans sprinkled with pink himalayan salt or sea salt




Savory Japanese egg custard  steamed in a tea cup

- Chicken 



Bento "Sampler Platter" 

Two mini onigiri, choice of salad, choice of dip and starter


Ebi Gyoza

Steamed shrimp dumplings 


Kani Shumai

Steamed Krab dumplings 


Takikomi Gohan

Japanese rice bow mixed with say sauce veggies and chicken 



Geisha ricebowl

Macheral and vegetable mixed rice 


Mame Kare 

bean and vegetable curry served with panda shaped onigiri


Onigiri Platter 

Three mini onigiri of your choice 



Udon Noodles

Mizo udon with shitake mushrooms, carrots and naruto



Geisha Stew

Mackerel Stew with Veggies served with Brown Rice 




Signature snadwiches made with  brown bread

"Kani", soft shell crab

 "Tuna mayo" spicy tuna

 "Hummus" Chwan's special recipie



Onigiri of the Day

A Japanese rice ball made with white rice and different fillings

-Kani Goma "Crab and sesame"

-Tuna mayo




Spicy Kani Maki "Sushi Rolls"

Made with your choice of brown or white rice


Kapa Maki "Cucumber Roll"

Made with your choice of brown or white rice


Spicy Maguro Maki "Tuna Roll"

Made with your choice of brown or white rice



Japanese purple potato served with our home made chilli sauce



Banana Katsu

Baked bananas with ginger and sweetened with honey 



Kani Sarada

Refreshing Japanese crab salad



Maguro Sarada

Tossed tuna salad with lemon dressing


Yuzu Sarada

A Green Salad made with "Yuzu" Japanese citrus which is a "hybrid of madracitin and ichang papeda"



Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts salted or raw



Chawan's High Tea 

A selction of desserts and savory treats with a Japanese twist 

Served on Weekends or upon request 




Tea varieties
House Blends

Melon Pan

Japanese sweet melon buns.




Honey Toast

Toasted bread drizzled with honey, topped with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream




Sakura Dango

Japanese rice dumplings sweetend with "anko" sweet beans




Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream.

Traditional Japanese ice cream made with matcha green tea



Karak Ice Cream 

The Traditional Bahraini Taste of Karak made into ice cream 


Fresh gingerI ice crea 

A refreshing icecream made with fresh ginger  


Amai Sushi 

Sweet sush made with raw nuts, honey and fresh mango



Cinnamon Ice cream Bun 

A sweet Cinnamon Icream Sandwich drizzeled with honey and served with fat free icecream




Cake of the Day

A choice of sweet cake will be available daily




Haha No Aji

Mother's Favorite,  This guilt free layered dessert has all the right flavors




Mochi - Assorted Flavors

Japanese rice cakes stuffed with fillings (Matcha, Hawaiian, Daifuku, Chocolate)



Mochi Ice Cream

Rice cakes stuffed with ice cream



Cookie Cups

Marshmallow, Chocolate, White Chocolate




Choco Bitz

Bite-size chocolate cookies



Hokkaido Milk Pudding

Popular Japanese milk pudding 



Matcha Parfait 

 A layerd sweet topped with matcha green tea icecream, whip cream and sweet atzuki beans



Vanilla Parfait 

 A layerd sweet topped with vanilla  icecream, whip cream and fresh fruits



Fresh toast in a Cup 

 Made with brown bread,  sweetned with honey, cinnamon and topped with fat free whip cream






Cocktail Boba

Fresh fruit cocktail juice infused with tapioca pearls




Seasonal Fruit Boba

A variety of fresh seasonal fruits will be available throughout the year.  Each blend is infused with tapioca pearls




Seasonal Fruit Juices

A variety of fresh seasonal fruits will be available throughout the year




Detox Juices

These blended juices are meant to cleanse and purify your body in a safe and natural way.




Seasonal Fruit Smoothies

A variety of fresh seasonal fruits will be available throughout the year



Honey Avocado

Fresh avocado, slightly sweetened with honey



Kari Shot

An energy shot of fresh ginger honey and lemon



Drinking Water

Serving Double Filtered water      




Signature House Blends 

Chawans special blend, Moroccan Green, Rose Mint, Karak Chai, Rosey lemon, Lemon Breeze


Vanilla oat Tea 

Made with oat milk


Matcha Late

a sweet blend of traditional Japanese Matcha green tea and oat milk 


 Exclusives Teas

Monthly limited edition teas


Hot Coca


Our Home made reciepe using healthy unternatives , Frosty Hot Coca, Peppermint Hot cocoa


Iced Teas

Soba Cha, Ocha, Rose Cha, Jasmin Cha



Boba Teas

Chai Latte Bubble Tea with tapioca pearls,  Matcha Latte Bubble Tea with tapioca pearls




Green Tea

Matcha, Moroccan Mint, Genmaicha


Oolong Tea

Wuyiyan Cha




Black Tea

Lapsang Souchong, Yunnan, Jasmine, Osmanthus, Rose




White Tea

White Peony, White Silver Needle, Mo Gan Huangya, Moonlight Beauty




Special Tea

Tibetan (Zangcha), Pu-Erh, Jasmine Pearl (Da Bai Hao), Osmanthus Scented/Pearl Tea




Flower and Herbal Tea.

Chrysanthemum, Soba Cha, Snow Covered E-Se, Chamomile, Levendar, Violet,

Lemon Grass, Globe Amaranth Flower, Peach Flower, Rose, Peony Bud & Petal




Blooming Tea

Two Dragon Playing Pearl, Jasmine Fai Rainbow, Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Seven Stars Company Moon, 

Jinzhanyintai, Golden Dragon Playing Pearl, Butterfly and Flower, Bathing Beauty, Rise Higher and Higher,

Flower Fairy, Orient Beauty, The Gardens are all in Bloom, Fairy Scattering Flowers, Gold Ingot, Love you Forever

The Heady Fragrance of Laurel Blossoms, Various Colorful Flowers, Morning Sun and Rainbow, Love At First Sight





Frosty Hot Cocoa / Minty Hot Cocoa
Mochi Ice-cream
Chawn's High Tea
Freshly brewed tea
Mitarashi Dango
Honey Toast
Kani Sarada
Blooming Tea

Nihongo Asago 

Japanese Breakfast "Tamago katsu and onigiri" egg and rice ball


Tamago Mame 

a spicy egg and beans dish mixed with vegitables 


Baked eggs  

Oven baked eegs


Acai bowl  

Frozen berry mix bedded on granola, topped with fruits, honey and bee pollen


Oat Pancake 

Healthy oat Pancake service with 100% maple syrup


Cinnamon Buns 

Dairy free buns sweetened with brown sugar


French toast cup

French toast made with brown bread and sweetned with honey


Melon pan 

A sweet bun coverd with cookie and baked in the oven


Honey toasto

Baked bread with honey and cinnamon served with  fat free vanilla icecream