Immerse in the Japanese Culture 


Chawan offers a unique expereience to those who love to explore the Japanese culture.

Offering a range of activities that are both fun and educational.


Celebrate your special occasions in a unique and exclusivel way with us.  

Yukata experience
try Japanese calligraphy
try karaoke
Yukata Experience 

Yukata, (浴衣)  Is a traditional Japanese Summer Kimono,  usually made of cotton. Yukata are worn by both men and women. Like other forms of traditional Japanese clothing, A standard yukata ensemble consists of a cotton undergarment (juban), yukata, obi, sandals (geta).


Enjoy being dressed up in colorful Japanese yukata, while you sip on a refreshing cup of tea and indulge in a tasty Japanese dessert.



Matcha Expereince
Enjoy a ceremonial cup of freshly made matcha infont of you, frothed to prefection into a creamy green tea.


Japanese Calligraphy 
Learn the basics of artistic Japanese writing, and have fun practicing while enjoying a complimentry cup of refreshing tea.
Chawan's High Tea  
Enjoy a selection of savory and sweet picks served with a Japanese twist and a pot of your favorite tea to complete the afternoon.  
Now you can Enjoy one the most popular entertainment in Japanese "Karaoke" while sipping on your favorite tea and enjoying Japanese snacks.
"Available every Sunday" & special events


Animie / Movie night
Join your friends for a fun Japanese movie night at chawan. Every Monday and wednesday, or any special occasion. practice your Japanese or pick up new phrases with studio ghiibli's adventurous anime.